Hilton's website wouldn't let me book a room at yon Hilton Frontenac from work the other night, on account of I didn't have my AAA card with me. I had the keyring tag, which it seems omits a three-digit prefix and a trailing check digit, see. The # on my keyring tag starts with "057" and labels that as the "Club ID." So 057 = AAA Minneapolis, I guess. My entire membership # starts with 429 - and when I was snooping around AAA's various websites, I got the sense that every AAA card under the sun starts with "429" which, if true, makes me wonder what the point is of having it there at all. It's like there's a step in the booking process at which they have to ask you, "Is your AAA card a AAA card?"
Is it in fact like this? Do all of y'all's AAA cards start with "429?" What about CAA members? Automobile Association of Great Britain? South Africa? Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania? Asociacion Mexicana Automovilístca? Kenya Motor Sports Foundation? Fédération Française de Camping et de Caravaning?

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